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Alkaline PH-enhancer, Add Essential Minerals

Max input TDS limit up to -2500PPM

Purification capacity  12-15Ltr./hr




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Neer is one of the reasonable and handy water purifiers that can fulfill your all needs when you want to drink clean and pure water. It is attractive and beneficial in terms of providing drinkable water. It also includes ultra-features that are Alkaline PH-enhancer and others useful Minerals and elements. Thus, you can trust this apparatus and take it to your home. Some important features are-

  • Booster pump 100 GDP
  • TDS controller and UF membrane
  • The power of UV lamp is 11 W
  • Capacity of tank is 18 litres
  • Maximum TDS limit up to 2500ppm

‘Neer” can purify 12 -15 liters of water in an hour. It is manufactured with the higher capacity and other convenient features. You can set that in your kitchen or another place in home. So, make an order and get it to your doorstep. It can be the best substitution within reasonable cost.

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