Facts on Water Consumption – Not to Miss!

Facts on Water Consumption – Not to Miss!


Living healthy and drinking clean water are two elements that many people take for granted. Overall, the reality check is drinking healthy water and water are two different things if we are talking about the minimal details. Also, different people have different agenda to define the certain things. Specifically, if we are talking about drinking clean and purified water, then prefer getting water purifier; this is the best way to make you and your family fit and fine.


Given below is some facts (approx percentage) that certainly reveals the consumption and wastage of water that we all do. Take a look:


  • Somewhere around 2.5% of the Earth’s water is pure and fresh – 2% surface water; 1% groundwater; 7% contained in ice-caps and glaciers.
  • Somewhere around 2 billion people globally are entitled to drink water which is contaminated with feces.
  • 70% water – consumed through cultivation; 20% through industries; 10% for domestic usage.
  • To say around 3-4 million people lost their lives due to waterborne diseases.
  • Freshwater or you can say Ro water is not only used by the human but also it benefit lakes, wetlands, lakes, coastal lagoons and everything else.
  • The maximum version of water is evaporated from reservoirs rather than consumed in the industrial, domestic or agricultural sectors.
  • According to the numbers, 3 liters of water can create 1 liter of bottled water.
  • After some years, somewhere around 2/3rd of the population will suffer stress by water-scarcity.
  • Survey says that 3 billion people have achieved to drink purified water last in 1990.
  • Energy production withdrawal 15% of the world’s water.
  • 40% of the population has already been punished by water scarcity.

Now, you can imagine how much water is being wasted and consumed. So, next time you are brushing or washing the utensils, make sure there is the limited amount of water left, so get it right economically. Doing this will be helpful for the rural areas where there is no chance of any water on a regular basis. Think about everything, if you don’t want the hard and not-so-firm future.


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