There are many varieties of best water purifiers in India

There are many varieties of best water purifiers in India

There are many varieties of best water purifiers in India. To know the best setup for your home you need to grasp the standard of your drinking water. After analyzing the quality of your water you can make plan of setting up a water purifier accordingly. Some important points are discussed here, with the help of these points you will be able to know the quality of water. Have a look below-

  1. An easy TDS meter carried by most sales/maintenance staff of putative setup corporations can verify the TDS levels in your water.
  2. TDS in water is the concentration of minerals and alternative impurities that are in a dissolved sort.
  3. If the TDS level is bigger than five hundred PPM, then a Reverse diffusion (RO) primarily based water setup would bring the TDS to levels below one hundred and create your water higher tasting.
  4. If the TDS is low (below 500) as is that the case of water provided by the municipality, an artificial language water setup would serve no purpose. 
  5. Straightforward boiling for twenty minutes or a simple ultraviolet water setup can do the work.


Some popular best water filters in India are – Kent RO, Livpure Glo, Kent Grand plus, Kent Ace Mineral etc. These all have the capacity to make your water clean and drinkable. But still, you need to understand the elements in water that could be hard to remove. So, it is necessary to analyze all factors available in water and then make plan to install a water purifier at your home. You should also take recommendation from experts.

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