Best RO Companies in Jaipur and it’s Best Product

Best RO Companies in Jaipur and it’s Best Product


RO water apparatus uses the primary highly developed water purification technology to get rid of impurities from the water. The combination of various water purification equipment like Kent Ro, actinic radiation and UF are utilized to deliver 100% safe and pure water. Understand the given points how water purifiers can help you in making better your health-

Here is some best RO companies in Jaipur and it’s best product with proper information:


  • Livpure Glow

Livpure Glo is one of the top water purifiers comes with better filtering quality. It is good when it additionally adds required minerals and balance pH level of the water. Some features of Livpure Glow are-

  • Comes with capacity of 7 liters
  • RO+UV+Mineralizer
  • Capability of filtration 12L per hour
  • Removes impurities using carbon filter


  • Aquaguard Geneus

Aquaguard Geneus implements highly smart technology as it uses 7 stage of purification using RO, UF and UV technologies. It comes with capacity of 7 litres storage and purification capacity of up to 15 litres per hour. Features are-

  • RO+UV+UF purification techniques
  • Includes Intel e-boiling, Biotron etc.
  • Reserve Mode outspreads the life of container and lets you distribute extra 500 litres of water.


  • Kent Grand RO

Kent RO can do the job to remove all the germs and provide you fresh and pure water. It is particularly popular for waters holding TDS above 500 ppm. Some features are –

  • It includes double guard by RO+UV with TDS controller
  • It is Completely automatic and controlled by computer operations
  • 15 litres of water per hour filtration
  • Too strong due to ABS quality plastic body


  • Kent Grand Plus

Kent Grand Plus works on 7 stage of refining. It utilizes RO+UF+UV and can be deployed for all types of water bases like bore-wells, tanks or tap water.

  • TDS of up to 2000 ppm.
  • TDS Controller holds the necessary minerals in the sanitized water.
  • TDS Control Valve makes user switch the content of minerals in the purified water.
  • Pre-integrated SMPS to control high voltage range (100 – 300 Volts).

The technology has reached the level where you can find everything better than ever. Water purifier is a great innovative way to get double purified water. So, you should use a water purifier to deliver healthy water that makes your life healthfulness.

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